Pilot 4: Andalusia, Spain

In Pilot 4 of the COCOON project, led by Ingelectus, the focus is on securing Distributed Renewable Energy Systems (DRES) deployments, specifically targeting Power Plant Controllers (PPCs) managing PV installations. With a duration from month 6 to month 36, the primary objective is to assess the performance of vulnerability assessment, risk profiling, and the COCOON Early Warning System (EWS) to protect PPCs and prevent potential threats to PV plant operational properties. The pilot will be executed at an existing 5 MW and 20 kV PV plant in South Spain, adhering to the high-level architecture illustrated in Fig.12. Tasks include pilot design and configuration in the PV plant (T8.1), risk assessment within PV plants (T8.2), and cyber protection in PV plants (T8.3). The evaluation involves configuring communication channels, assessing risk associated with supply chain vulnerabilities, protocol-level properties, and device-level vulnerabilities. Furthermore, the pilot will test the COCOON EWS and threat mitigation tools under various attack vectors, including DDoS and False Data Injection, to ensure the resilience and controllability of the PV plant while maintaining acceptable instrumentation levels. This field testing is crucial, considering the PV plant is in production, and measures will be taken to minimize any impact on energy production.


The installations of the Photovoltaic (PV) plant