COCOON’s goal is to deliver a practical cyber-physical systems solution for converged EPES by bridging secure networked systems research and innovation with power systems engineering. Via an inter-disciplinary approach COCOON will address requirements of the EU ACER NCCS and the SGAM framework. The outcomes will benefit: (i) energy communities interacting with a DSO, (ii) EU Regional Security Centres (RSC) interacting with multiple TSOs, (iii) DSO substations, and (iv) DRES aggregators interacting with a DSO.

Increase trustworthy information exchange between TSOs, DSOs, aggregators, and DRES deployments

The project will develop the COCOON Programmable Node (CPN) that will adhere to a programmable data plane (PDP) paradigm and thus accelerate data processing, forwarding and control functionalities. This approach will provide a bottom-up practical solution for supporting a range of computationally intensive cyber protection applications to be used by EPES operators in the aforementioned scenarios through the COCOON Toolset.

COCOON is funded by Horizon Europe (HORIZON-CL3-2022-CS-01)

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