Pilot 3: Delft, Netherlands

In Pilot 3 of the COCOON project, led by ENCS, the objective is to deploy and demonstrate innovations from technical Work Packages (WP1-WP4) in real-life scenarios, focusing on enhancing the cybersecurity of digital substations in smart grids. The pilot, spanning from month 6 to month 36, aims to increase resilience against cyberattacks, securing substation communications, and preventing potential cyber threats leading to power system failures in Europe. Located at TUD, the demo-site features a Control Room of the Future, IT-OT communication networks, and a cyber range for red/blue teams. Key tasks involve pilot design and configuration, development of a cyber range and training exercises, conducting training sessions for cyber-attack detection and mitigation, and finally, the demonstration of cybersecurity and resilience in digital substations. The COCOON Early Warning System utilizes OT network data and PMU data to efficiently detect and mitigate cyber threats, contributing to the overall cybersecurity and resilience of substations.



Operator training sessions for cyber-attack detection and mitigation